The aim of the EDT Conference is to address the challenges of fundamental changes of economic theory and practice, which comes through the process of digitalization as one of the most prominent global phenomena. Therefore, the main goal of the Conference is to challenge traditional perspective on economics by acknowledging disruptive effects of digital transformation age. Thus, authors should introspect new macroeconomic policies, monetary and fiscal theory and practice, industrial and organization theory advances, new business models and approaches enabled by advancement of technological capabilities.

The Conference will cover wide range of theoretical and practical issues, preferably, intertwined with the main idea. Business papers where generalization of the results is possible are also well received.

The suggested thematic fields (sessions) are as follows:

• New millennium macroeconomics
• Industry 4.0 and beyond
• Big data economics
• New (dynamic) fiscal policy
• Monetary policies in era of digital currencies
• Digital public administration
• Innovation economics
• Contract theory
• Contemporary management and organization issues
• Business in increasingly Schumpeterian world
• Economy of sharing
• Regulation economics

We kindly invite interested participants to volunteer as discussants and as session chairs.